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Chris Doyle Photography

Hi I’m Chris Doyle.

Basically I love to take pictures, I love photography as an art form and as an activity.  What first grabs my attention is light. We are nothing without light and I tend to photograph anything that is enhanced by gods lighting from beautiful landscapes to derelict buildings.  I also like to get in the studio where you can control and modify lighting to suit your subject.  

I’ve been shooting Weddings, Portraits and Commercial work for a long time but too many good people have been taken away from us early this year! Makes you think doesn’t it,  so at the age of 60 I’m purposely slowing down a touch and concentrating on a little more of my own stuff. 

I will still take on work for any of my trusted customers that return over and over, and you know who you are. I will still be interested in any exciting commercial shoots or weddings, I just won’t be advertising anywhere.

If you have a wedding you think may interest me get in touch. I like to work in a documentary style. I particularly like to cover small bohemian, rustic, vintage style weddings and I can offer a range of albums perfectly suited for this type of event. I am of course available for destination weddings too.

I have closed my studio (Unity Studios) but the world is my studio now and I will keep up my TF work with upcoming models & MAU so if you are one and have an idea, let me know.

I will be finally getting round to editing a lot of my own work that has sat on various hard drives collecting dust and will be offering some art works for sale too.

So take a look around the site. Hope you enjoy it and if you have anything for me - give us a shout. or 07366822008


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