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Finnish Lapland Part 4 The Igloos

Golden Crown Levin Iglut In a holiday jam-packed full of highlights it should be difficult to choose your favourite, but not in this instance. An overnight stay in the glass igloos is simply amazing. You leave the hard packed snow covered car park and take a short walk down the road to a clearing and… Read more »

Finnish Lapland Part 2 Liana Snow Hotel

The Lianio Snow Hotel   One of our excursions (pre booked with Inghams) was an evening trip to the Lianio Snow Hotel. This hotel is built each year in December and melts away in April! The hotel is perfectly unique; each room is individually carved and decorated so no two stays are the same. The… Read more »

The Army of Noise Live Show

The Army Of Noise Well this is a bit late as the show is over. I photographed the play but then I had to shoot off on holiday, sorrrrrry (not really 🙂 ) The Army of Noise is a fantastic new play from James Shaw, Creative director of Click Creative. A mixture of traditional theatre, puppetry… Read more »

Young & Suicidal

I was recently commissioned to photograph a new play in Liverpool. I love this kind of work. I love the challenge of shooting live theatre and bands, making the most of the stage lights, sometimes balancing it with a little fill in flash but never overpowering the set lighting. This was a very small &… Read more »