Finnish Lapland Part 4 The Igloos

Golden Crown Levin Iglut

In a holiday jam-packed full of highlights it should be difficult to choose your favourite, but not in this instance. An overnight stay in the glass igloos is simply amazing. You leave the hard packed snow covered car park and take a short walk down the road to a clearing and get your first view of the igloos. It takes your breath away. Set on the side of the fell overlooking Levi the igloos are nestled in over a meter of snow and offer fantastic views over Levi and the surrounding countryside.




We arrived mid afternoon so had plenty time to check out the area and settle into our igloo before dinner.







Each igloo is equipped with a small kitchen complete with fridge and microwave but we had chosen to dine in the Koti where we were promised Lappish Soup and cake.


The Kitchen area

The bathroom area












We had put a bottle of prosecco on ice (literally in the snow outside the door) to celebrate our arrival


Natures Fridge









After we’d settled in, enjoyed the prosecco and played the CD’s that the owners had left for us (New Orleans Jazz – and pretty good too) we walked down to the Koti for our evening meal. What a wonderful place this was. Really cute looking from the outside and so warm and welcoming once you were inside.


Cute on the outside


Warm on the inside


Lappish Soup. This was a hearty dish of stew, rather like hot pot, big pieces of meat with potatoes and carrots in a lovely stock. The meat was Moose, slow cooked, really tender and a lot like beef. To go with this we had crusty bread and to finish off we had yummy blueberry cake, though they may not have been blueberries at all. Who cares it was fab J



After dinner we took a little stroll around the camp & checked out the views and amazing snow covered trees before heading back to our igloo. This was real chill out time, Listening to music, reading, enjoying the views, enjoying a little red wine, bliss. Of course you have almost 360 degrees view of the sky and always we had one eye open for the northern lights. They never put in a show unfortunately. Well not the dancing green ones that you see in the wonderful videos but we did have some weird skies (as we had had all week), Photographing these showed a beautiful orange & pink colour which is indeed a manifestation of the Northern Lights. These were taken between 1:30 and 3:00.We’d ran out of wine then so it was time for bed with a lovely view of the stars,




  • Top tips:
  • Layers are the best way of keeping warm. Thermals or base layers, T Shirt, shirt, fleece pullover or sweater & a Jacket.
  • Thermal socks and snowboots or good walking boots.
  • If you are going on anything that moves. Wear your thermal suit. Gloves. Neckwarmer and hat.
  • Take a head torch (one with red lights too so that you can see without blinding your companions.

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