Finnish Lapland Part 3 Reindeer Farm

Reindeers …….yayyyyyyyy

One of the nicest excursions I’ve ever been on – a visit to a Reindeer Farm and a sleigh ride. This is how sleigh rides should be. Snuggled under a blanket, warm and comfortable with beautiful surroundings.


We had pre-booked the excursion with Ingham’s and were picked up at our hotel by coach and whisked through the amazing frozen landscapes to the Reindeer farm where our host met us. I’m afraid her name escapes me, which is a shame because she was lovely; funny and informative and made the visit enjoyable right from the start.


Whilst wandering about taking pictures and paying no attention whatsoever to the instruction being given I could see the Reindeer in the distance;



We were free to walk around and visit the reindeer. Reindeer shed their antlers and some (sorry reindeer) looked a bit funny sporting just one horn 🙂 I was hoping we got this fellah, a fine specimen with a full Antler.


After receiving instruction on how to drive (a complex procedure which entailed holding on to a bit of washing line) we were seated, made comfortable and, one at a time, set off on our way.







Soon it was our turn

Yeyyy We got him :)

Yeyyy we got him 🙂


The sledges set off in line one after the other.

Reindeer go at whatever speed and in whatever direction they like. Ours were quite good but what was funny was that our reindeer kept getting quite close to the sledge in front and his antlers were waving around just 10mm from the passengers heads. They never knew but it gave my wife and I a good laugh, we could barely hold on to the washing line for laughing.


The reindeer soon settled down and we were treated to a wonderful ride through Laplands Snowy countryside and forests’



Once we were out of the trees there were just miles and miles of flat snowy landscape with the odd copse of trees breaking the skyline now and then


One of the guides from the reindeer farm was tracking us by snowmobile just in case there were any difficulties


But the Reindeer knew the routine and brought us all safely back to the farm.



where the staff removed the harness and put the sledges away while we got to play with the reindeer and have pictures taken
















This is a young albino Reindeer. He’s still getting used to people being around



And his friend, one of the marker coloured Reindeer. Look at these feet!




After roaming around the farm, feeding reindeer we finished off (as usual) warming up in the Hut (or Kota) where we

were served hot drinks and biscuits and made friends with the reindeer dogs (like sheepdogs without the sheep)


Inside the Kota. Hot drinks and biscuits






All in all a lovely morning out. Easy going, good fun and very enjoyable. Definitely recommended if you ever visit Lapland.


Some facts about Reindeer


  • Top tips:
  • Layers are the best way of keeping warm. Thermals or base layers, T Shirt, shirt, fleece pullover or sweater & a Jacket.
  • Thermal socks and snowboots or good walking boots.
  • If you are going on anything that moves. Wear your thermal suit. Gloves. Neckwarmer and hat.
  • Take a head torch (one with red lights too so that you can see without blinding your companions.










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    Fabulous! I’m incredibly jealous mummy and daddy Doyle x

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