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“Imagine all the people sharing all the world………….

You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us,    And the world will live as one”

Immortal words from john Lennon but on April the 1st 2016 we took a step nearer thanks to an initiative brought about by Julie Simpson.


Julie is the founder of  Autism Adventures UK And along with Merseyside Charity Autism Together they hosted an unveiling ceremony for the new ‘Liverpool Autism Champions’ emblem.

Autism Toghether with the Liverpool Autism Champions

Andy Burnham MP and Julie Simpson unveil the new Liverpool Autism Champions logo

Andy Burnham & Julie Simpson unveil the new logo







With the support of the Liverpool Chamber of commerce Julie has enlisted a number of organizations to become Liverpool Autism Champions. These include Everton Football Club, Liverpool John Lennon airport, National Museums Liverpool, Liverpool one shopping centre, Lifestyles fitness centres, Mersey Travel, New Mersey shopping park, soft play centre Mattel Play and the Signature Living hotel group.

(Forgive me if I’ve missed anyone out. Put your organization name in the comments section and I’ll ad you in)

Come on you blues. Everton FC one of the Autism Champions


Truly Inspirational speeches and presentations were made by Jenny Stewart, Chief Executive of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Yvonne Smith & Robin Bush of Autism Together, Anna Kennedy OBE, Andy Burnham MP and Julie herself; I was buzzin’ each speaker was impassioned by the cause and truly behind Liverpool as a City too.

Anna Kennedy OBE













Alison Smith of

Autism Together




Robin Bush of

Autism Together







Andy Burnham MP








Andy Burnham MP


Julie Simpson of Autism Adventures


Jenny Stewart CEO of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce


Jenny Stewart recalled the day that Julie appeared in her office asking what she was going to do about making the shops and cafes of Liverpool Autism friendly. Jenny’s reply was “I’m not going to do anything. You are”




And so it began. With help from the Liverpool Chamber Julie formed the CIC (community interest company) Autism Adventures, and along with Autism Together, and others, is spearherading a campaign to make Liverpool the first Autism friendly city in the country. Liverpool the worlds first truly autism friendly city

She’ll Get By With A Little Help From Her Friends


Robin Bush, chief executive of Autism Together, said: “We’re incredibly ambitious for Liverpool. What we’re seeking to do isn’t easy and won’t happen overnight. “We are currently working with colleagues in the autism community to develop a nationwide set of criteria to define what we mean by an autism-friendly city. At the very least, we believe it should enable those with autism to confidently access community infrastructure such as shopping centres, tourist attractions and public transport.”

Robin Bush CEO of Autism Together


Jenny Stewart, said: “Our city councilors are working hard to make Liverpool a fair and inclusive city and we’re doing all we can to support this very worthwhile project, as we are all wanting Liverpool to head in the same direction, with equal community access available to all.”

Jenny Stewart CEO of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Anna Kennedy OBE gave a great presentation too. Anna has a lot of experience herself in tacking autism awareness having put everything she owned on the line in order to open a specialist school for autistic children, Hillingdon Manor School. She has since done a massive amount of work to further the cause. Check her out on google.

Anna Kennedy OBE



Although it was a serious event marking the start of a historical charter it was still a fun morning. Once the presentations were out of the way Anna grabbed Julie for an eventful selfie to mark the occasion.








And that signalled the end of formalities and the start of a round of press & TV interviews.





Julie and Andy Burnham MP

Julie and Steve Simpson










TV Interview


Julie & Steve being interviewed by James Shaw of Click Creative

Jen Smale of Autism Adventures interviewed by Click Creative


Forget Batman & Superman. There is a greater power at work here. Julie Simpson and Anna Kennedy with the newley unveiled Liverpool Autism Champions Logo

Anna Kennedy OBE & Julie Simpson – Super heroes

And that more or less wrapped up an eventful morning. I truly could not believe the commitment and genuine support shown by leaders such as Andy Burnham, Jenny Stewart & Robin Bush. They truly believe in this project and show an unwavering commitment.

“I wouldn’t change my son for the world but I will change the world for my son”

Immortal words from Julie Simpson.



Inspirational tales from the Liverpool Echo

Advice from one of Liverpools Autism Champion – John Lennon Airport

Autism Champions are being recruited right now. To find out how you could be involved in this important campaign email

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