The Army Of Noise

The Army of Noise is a fantastic new play from James Shaw, Creative director of Click Creative. The show is a mixture of traditional theatre, puppetry and 3D projection mapping with live music provided by DJ Rasp.

I had the pleasure of photographing one of the early rehearsal sessions (pssst, It was really hard work if James asks) and it was great to see the team in action. This was early days and characters & routines were still being understood and developed.

I especially loved watching them work with the puppets. One thing that amazed me was the bond already there between the actors/puppeteers/operators (I dunno what to call them!) When a puppet was doing something you could see it was actually being experienced by the actor. When D-rum was looking at something and considering it’s worth so was the actor! When Asher was peeping around this wall looking nervous or inquisitive, so is the actor. I’m sure they will become one before the show goes out!

Anyhoo on to the show………. The main character Asher is a selective mute. He doesn’t communicate very well and other peoples frequencies get in his way. He loves music though and finds he can express himself through music. Armed with his imagination and a magic set of turntables he recruits an Army of noise.


Some of the puppets and characters you see here – D-Rum, Vo-Kal, B-low – help him along the way.




Awwww like a little boy 🙂












Heaven knows what these two do.  Two very interesting characters!

I think this might be my favourite character. D-Rum. But that might well change once I’ve seen the show.

WELL ………… You know as much as me now. The only way to get the full story is to buy tickets for the show. The play runs from Wednesday the 17th Feb to Wednesday the 24th with 12:30 matinees on the 17th & 18th (No Show on the 21st)

You can get tickets here Tickets. Ten Quid. Go on, you know you want to! There are Matinee shows too on Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th at  12:30 hrs.

Check out  The Army of Noise face Book Page for more info 🙂

Some videos on face book too. Check em out. DJ Rasp doing his stuff with D-Rum and V0-Kal  D-Rum in action  And Vo-Kal groovin

For those of you with a photographic interest this was all shot on an olympus EM-1 with Pro 12 – 40 f2.8 zoom and two manual flashguns with Damian McGillicuddy Multi Modifiers. Check out  Damian McGillicuddy if you want to learn how to use them or buy them.  if you want to check me out visit my Face Book Page click like and share the love 🙂