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Welcome to Motorhome tales.

Meet the players:

Me: Chris. My Wife: Lesley. Our Dog: Muffin. My Daughter: Claire. Her Partner: Matt. And last but certainly not least. Our Motor Home: Marco.

Lesley is the brains of the operation. She is a fantastic planner and the best travel adviser you ever met. She has planned, arranged, and booked fantastic holidays in Thailand, India, Africa, Italy, Australia. You come out of your hotel in a strange country and Lesley can go “If we turn left here and go past the library that will take us to the market place!” She is also the best cook ever and hopefully we’ll be able to feature some of the fab dishes that lend themselves to motorhoming.

Me. I just drive. Lift things. Wash up. Drink beer and generally keep out the way.

Claire and Matt are not full time members of the team. They just dip in and out as they fancy Claire has her Mums organisational and planning skills but is in charge of entertainment as she is a monster partier.

Matt. He drinks beer too and will be (although he doesn’t know it yet) in charge of complicated things like showing us how to put up the awning and wind breaks.

Muffin: She’s in charge of cuddling. When she’s not chasing Rabbits she just lies on her back waiting for someone to tickle her tummy.

We are learners. We had a Trailer tent a long long time ago followed by a Toyota Hi-Ace campervan conversion but this was mostly used for visiting horse shows. When my daughter was younger I used to take all the kids to the local shop in it. In the days before seat belts and booster seats I could get a dozen or so in it.

So if you ever wondered what it’s like to have a Motor Home …………………………. stick with us! Check under the Recent Posts heading on the right hand sidebar to select the latest post.


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