Finnish Lapland Part 2 Liana Snow Hotel

The Lianio Snow Hotel


One of our excursions (pre booked with Inghams) was an evening trip to the Lianio Snow Hotel. This hotel is built each year in December and melts away in April!

The hotel is perfectly unique; each room is individually carved and decorated so no two stays are the same. The hotel boasts a wonderful Ice Chapel which certainly offers a wonderful Wedding Opportunity for those looking for something different!

Our guide explains how the hotel is build


Even the corridors are decorated and beautifully lit for effect. I think they could film a great Dr Who here!

Hotel Corridors



There is even a slide for those brave enough.

A nice slide ………………. (get it –  a N ice slide ha ha, oh forget it!)

I think it’s meant for children but you can’t keep the grown ups off it.



There is a restaurant and a bar too, which we’ll get to later, but the bedrooms must be the main attraction (after the Chapel) Beautifully lit with wonderful carved designs each bedroom has it’s own theme. We saw a Clown themed bedroom and a Witch themed bedroom. I’m not sure which is the scariest.

Bring on the Clowns


Witch side is yours!?

I think I’d probably go for an ‘Angel’ ‘Nymph’ or Fairy.


Or perhaps a Nautical theme.

Sail away



Or something out of this world…….

Ground Control to Major Tom…………….


Some of the detail that makes every room unique:



Did I mention the restaurant and the bar?

Baked Alaska anyone




I doubt they get any complaints about warm beer!


And, maybe it’s because I’m a wedding photographer, I think the jewel in the crown has got to be the chapel. It’s such a lovely room. Intricately carved roses intertwined around an arch form the backdrop to the altar, which comprises of two beautifully carved ice lecterns and an ice carved altar mounted on a raised plinth. Snow carved columns line the walls and support the most amazing ice sculpted lights while six ice-sculpted benches or pews are arranged facing the altar.

The amazing altar in the Ice chapel

The amazing altar in the Ice chapel



If you fancy getting married here let me know, I would love to cover your wedding. It would be amazing!

If you need to know anything get in touch. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Or you can email me on

  • Top tips:
  • Layers are the best way of keeping warm. Thermals or base layers, T Shirt, shirt, fleece pullover or sweater & a Jacket.
  • Thermal socks and snowboots or good walking boots.
  • If you are going on anything that moves. Wear your thermal suit. Gloves. Neckwarmer and hat.
  • Take a head torch (one with red lights too so that you can see without blinding your companions.


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