Capesthorne Hall Classic Car Show

Capesthorne Hall Classic Car Show

Car shows are a great place to hone your photography skills with the added bonus that you get to see some wonderful cars and there is usually a Burger stall, hog roast or hot dog stall at the very least. You’ll generally have excellent access, although if vehicles are being judged they may be in a roped off area, and if the owners are around they are usually more than happy to allow pictures and answer any questions you might have.

This show held at Capesthorne Hall  was organised by the Cheshire Classic Car Club  Since Mercedes were the featured manufacturer they had their cars on display inside the walls of the hall. So lets start with a look at the Mercs.

Mercedes at Capesthorne Hall

Mercedes Classics


Capesthorne Hall made the perfect setting for them although it was a tad busy & a bit too crowded to single out cars for a good shot. In photography patience will always be your friend so frame your shot up best you can and wait until the distractions are at a minimum. If you’re ready you may be lucky enough to get a shot without too many spectators in the frame or heads growing out of the roofs.

Two of my favourites here. The 230 and 280 SL

Mercedes 280 SL

Mercedes 230 SL



If all else fails look out for some different angles and never give up – come back later if you have to. Once the bonnet of this AMG was opened visitors were like bees round a honeypot (is that a saying or have I made that up?)


AMG GT engine bay








I wouldn’t mind but there was nothing to see really – a big plastic cover is all. I popped round the back and got a nice shot from the rear.

AMG GT nice rear end


All the other cars were out in the main field along with the traders and food stalls. Again patience is a virtue and if you frame your shot and wait you can often get a fairly people free shot. A zoom lens is useful for framing as you need to move fast. I shot all these with an Olympus EM1 and the pro 12-40 f2.8 zoom.


Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Renault Alpine

Renault rear view

I’m not even telling you what this is

My Dad used to have a Vauxhall Viva. It looked nothing like this!

I cant remember what this was. A Volvo I think! I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Another one that needs no introduction!

Really don't know what this one is. I thought it was a Imp from afar but it's not.

Really don’t know what this one is. I thought it was a Imp from afar but it’s not.

Class act. A Porsche Speedster

Porsche Speedster detail shot. Check out that radio.

Porsche Speedster detail shot

Porsche Speedster detail shot. Headlamp guards.

Porsche Speedster detail shot. Headlamp guards.

And I finally got a nice clear shot of that AMG GT


Another thing to look out for is the opportunity to isolate interesting parts of the car for close up pictures. They really knew how to design a car in the 50s & 60s. Especially those big American marques.

Cadillac Eldorado

Cadillac Eldorado

Packard. I’m afraid I don’t know the model.

But I think it’s a Packard Patrician

This beastie started out as something else.

This beastie started out as something else.

It's owner told me it was an estate car when he got it.

It’s owner told me it was an estate car when he got it.


Most modern zooms let you get in real close so get in close and bag yourself some great abstract images.














When shooting close up like this you have very little depth of field (the amount of the picture that’s in focus) which is great for isolating small parts such as these bonnet badges.

The Spirit of Ecstasy

The Spirit of Ecstasy


















Remember when you are shooting a mirror or reflection it is important where to focus. If you focus on the mirror or reflective object then the reflective object will be sharp while your reflected subject will be out of focus. If you want the reflected subject sharp you need to focus on the actual reflection. If you are 1ft from the mirror but your subject is 3 feet away you will be focussing around 6 feet to get a sharp image.

Focussed on the chrome reflections

Focussed on the chrome reflections

Focussed on the reflection in the mirror - the wipers.

Focussed on the reflection in the mirror – the wipers.











Then there’s engine bays!











With a bullet!








And Motor bikes! There were some great motor cycles here but I’m afraid I didn’t get much time to check them all out. These two attracted a good deal of attention though. A Triumph fitted out with a sidecar in beautiful livery. Love it. Triumph with sidecar


And George Formby’s bike out of the film ‘No Limit’ ………………. come up and see me riding in the TT races. No. Well you do have to be a certain age.

George Shuttleworth speed demon

George Shuttleworth Speed Demon


And as classics go I’ve saved the best till last……….

If you would like to see more about Capesthorne Hall check out my Motor home  blog.

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Walk Don’t Walk

Street Photography


 Walk Don’t Walk


When I’m not shooting commercial work I love to shoot almost anything, but up near the top of the list would be candid or street photography. I think there must be a little of the observationist inside every successful photographer.

I got the idea for this series when I was on holiday, or vacation if you must, in             Canada. As we walked along Robson Street in Vancouver I noticed that everyone observed the traffic controls at each junction. Patiently waiting for the walk sign to illuminate before crossing. This meant there was a moment, once the traffic flow had ceased and before the walk sign lit up, where I was faced with a good cross section of Vancouver’s finest.

I was shooting with a newly acquired EM1 with 12-40 f2.8 zoom and by keeping the camera at waist level using the fold out screen to compose and focus I was able to capture the little groups of shoppers, tourists and office workers as they made their way around town. A couple of people caught on, you can just see it in their eyes but before you know it the lights would change and we’d all move on!




































These were all shot on the EM1 which I’d only got the week before our hols. I am, or was, a long time Canon user but I got an EM5 to use alongside the Canon a couple of years ago and just about the time of this holiday I got the EM1 too and sold off my Canon gear. The EM1 is complex (though easy when you know how) and I spent most of the time trying to set it up. I kept losing the focus point. I had the large focusing squares. I kept changing iso and white balance when I wanted to +/- exposure!  Me and the EM1 are extremely well acquainted now and I love it. I no regrets at swapping kit and use the Olympus for all my work. Cracking kit.






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Finnish Lapland Part 4 The Igloos

Golden Crown Levin Iglut

In a holiday jam-packed full of highlights it should be difficult to choose your favourite, but not in this instance. An overnight stay in the glass igloos is simply amazing. You leave the hard packed snow covered car park and take a short walk down the road to a clearing and get your first view of the igloos. It takes your breath away. Set on the side of the fell overlooking Levi the igloos are nestled in over a meter of snow and offer fantastic views over Levi and the surrounding countryside.




We arrived mid afternoon so had plenty time to check out the area and settle into our igloo before dinner.







Each igloo is equipped with a small kitchen complete with fridge and microwave but we had chosen to dine in the Koti where we were promised Lappish Soup and cake.


The Kitchen area

The bathroom area












We had put a bottle of prosecco on ice (literally in the snow outside the door) to celebrate our arrival


Natures Fridge









After we’d settled in, enjoyed the prosecco and played the CD’s that the owners had left for us (New Orleans Jazz – and pretty good too) we walked down to the Koti for our evening meal. What a wonderful place this was. Really cute looking from the outside and so warm and welcoming once you were inside.


Cute on the outside


Warm on the inside


Lappish Soup. This was a hearty dish of stew, rather like hot pot, big pieces of meat with potatoes and carrots in a lovely stock. The meat was Moose, slow cooked, really tender and a lot like beef. To go with this we had crusty bread and to finish off we had yummy blueberry cake, though they may not have been blueberries at all. Who cares it was fab J



After dinner we took a little stroll around the camp & checked out the views and amazing snow covered trees before heading back to our igloo. This was real chill out time, Listening to music, reading, enjoying the views, enjoying a little red wine, bliss. Of course you have almost 360 degrees view of the sky and always we had one eye open for the northern lights. They never put in a show unfortunately. Well not the dancing green ones that you see in the wonderful videos but we did have some weird skies (as we had had all week), Photographing these showed a beautiful orange & pink colour which is indeed a manifestation of the Northern Lights. These were taken between 1:30 and 3:00.We’d ran out of wine then so it was time for bed with a lovely view of the stars,




  • Top tips:
  • Layers are the best way of keeping warm. Thermals or base layers, T Shirt, shirt, fleece pullover or sweater & a Jacket.
  • Thermal socks and snowboots or good walking boots.
  • If you are going on anything that moves. Wear your thermal suit. Gloves. Neckwarmer and hat.
  • Take a head torch (one with red lights too so that you can see without blinding your companions.

#levi #glassigoo #levilapland #utsuvaara







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Liverpool Autism Champions


“Imagine all the people sharing all the world………….

You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us,    And the world will live as one”

Immortal words from john Lennon but on April the 1st 2016 we took a step nearer thanks to an initiative brought about by Julie Simpson.


Julie is the founder of  Autism Adventures UK And along with Merseyside Charity Autism Together they hosted an unveiling ceremony for the new ‘Liverpool Autism Champions’ emblem.

Autism Toghether with the Liverpool Autism Champions

Andy Burnham MP and Julie Simpson unveil the new Liverpool Autism Champions logo

Andy Burnham & Julie Simpson unveil the new logo







With the support of the Liverpool Chamber of commerce Julie has enlisted a number of organizations to become Liverpool Autism Champions. These include Everton Football Club, Liverpool John Lennon airport, National Museums Liverpool, Liverpool one shopping centre, Lifestyles fitness centres, Mersey Travel, New Mersey shopping park, soft play centre Mattel Play and the Signature Living hotel group.

(Forgive me if I’ve missed anyone out. Put your organization name in the comments section and I’ll ad you in)

Come on you blues. Everton FC one of the Autism Champions


Truly Inspirational speeches and presentations were made by Jenny Stewart, Chief Executive of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Yvonne Smith & Robin Bush of Autism Together, Anna Kennedy OBE, Andy Burnham MP and Julie herself; I was buzzin’ each speaker was impassioned by the cause and truly behind Liverpool as a City too.

Anna Kennedy OBE













Alison Smith of

Autism Together




Robin Bush of

Autism Together







Andy Burnham MP








Andy Burnham MP


Julie Simpson of Autism Adventures


Jenny Stewart CEO of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce


Jenny Stewart recalled the day that Julie appeared in her office asking what she was going to do about making the shops and cafes of Liverpool Autism friendly. Jenny’s reply was “I’m not going to do anything. You are”




And so it began. With help from the Liverpool Chamber Julie formed the CIC (community interest company) Autism Adventures, and along with Autism Together, and others, is spearherading a campaign to make Liverpool the first Autism friendly city in the country. Liverpool the worlds first truly autism friendly city

She’ll Get By With A Little Help From Her Friends


Robin Bush, chief executive of Autism Together, said: “We’re incredibly ambitious for Liverpool. What we’re seeking to do isn’t easy and won’t happen overnight. “We are currently working with colleagues in the autism community to develop a nationwide set of criteria to define what we mean by an autism-friendly city. At the very least, we believe it should enable those with autism to confidently access community infrastructure such as shopping centres, tourist attractions and public transport.”

Robin Bush CEO of Autism Together


Jenny Stewart, said: “Our city councilors are working hard to make Liverpool a fair and inclusive city and we’re doing all we can to support this very worthwhile project, as we are all wanting Liverpool to head in the same direction, with equal community access available to all.”

Jenny Stewart CEO of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Anna Kennedy OBE gave a great presentation too. Anna has a lot of experience herself in tacking autism awareness having put everything she owned on the line in order to open a specialist school for autistic children, Hillingdon Manor School. She has since done a massive amount of work to further the cause. Check her out on google.

Anna Kennedy OBE



Although it was a serious event marking the start of a historical charter it was still a fun morning. Once the presentations were out of the way Anna grabbed Julie for an eventful selfie to mark the occasion.








And that signalled the end of formalities and the start of a round of press & TV interviews.





Julie and Andy Burnham MP

Julie and Steve Simpson










TV Interview


Julie & Steve being interviewed by James Shaw of Click Creative

Jen Smale of Autism Adventures interviewed by Click Creative


Forget Batman & Superman. There is a greater power at work here. Julie Simpson and Anna Kennedy with the newley unveiled Liverpool Autism Champions Logo

Anna Kennedy OBE & Julie Simpson – Super heroes

And that more or less wrapped up an eventful morning. I truly could not believe the commitment and genuine support shown by leaders such as Andy Burnham, Jenny Stewart & Robin Bush. They truly believe in this project and show an unwavering commitment.

“I wouldn’t change my son for the world but I will change the world for my son”

Immortal words from Julie Simpson.



Inspirational tales from the Liverpool Echo

Advice from one of Liverpools Autism Champion – John Lennon Airport

Autism Champions are being recruited right now. To find out how you could be involved in this important campaign email

Visit the below websites for more information:

And Me –

Chris Doyle Photography





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Finnish Lapland Part 3 Reindeer Farm

Reindeers …….yayyyyyyyy

One of the nicest excursions I’ve ever been on – a visit to a Reindeer Farm and a sleigh ride. This is how sleigh rides should be. Snuggled under a blanket, warm and comfortable with beautiful surroundings.


We had pre-booked the excursion with Ingham’s and were picked up at our hotel by coach and whisked through the amazing frozen landscapes to the Reindeer farm where our host met us. I’m afraid her name escapes me, which is a shame because she was lovely; funny and informative and made the visit enjoyable right from the start.


Whilst wandering about taking pictures and paying no attention whatsoever to the instruction being given I could see the Reindeer in the distance;



We were free to walk around and visit the reindeer. Reindeer shed their antlers and some (sorry reindeer) looked a bit funny sporting just one horn 🙂 I was hoping we got this fellah, a fine specimen with a full Antler.


After receiving instruction on how to drive (a complex procedure which entailed holding on to a bit of washing line) we were seated, made comfortable and, one at a time, set off on our way.







Soon it was our turn

Yeyyy We got him :)

Yeyyy we got him 🙂


The sledges set off in line one after the other.

Reindeer go at whatever speed and in whatever direction they like. Ours were quite good but what was funny was that our reindeer kept getting quite close to the sledge in front and his antlers were waving around just 10mm from the passengers heads. They never knew but it gave my wife and I a good laugh, we could barely hold on to the washing line for laughing.


The reindeer soon settled down and we were treated to a wonderful ride through Laplands Snowy countryside and forests’



Once we were out of the trees there were just miles and miles of flat snowy landscape with the odd copse of trees breaking the skyline now and then


One of the guides from the reindeer farm was tracking us by snowmobile just in case there were any difficulties


But the Reindeer knew the routine and brought us all safely back to the farm.



where the staff removed the harness and put the sledges away while we got to play with the reindeer and have pictures taken
















This is a young albino Reindeer. He’s still getting used to people being around



And his friend, one of the marker coloured Reindeer. Look at these feet!




After roaming around the farm, feeding reindeer we finished off (as usual) warming up in the Hut (or Kota) where we

were served hot drinks and biscuits and made friends with the reindeer dogs (like sheepdogs without the sheep)


Inside the Kota. Hot drinks and biscuits






All in all a lovely morning out. Easy going, good fun and very enjoyable. Definitely recommended if you ever visit Lapland.


Some facts about Reindeer


  • Top tips:
  • Layers are the best way of keeping warm. Thermals or base layers, T Shirt, shirt, fleece pullover or sweater & a Jacket.
  • Thermal socks and snowboots or good walking boots.
  • If you are going on anything that moves. Wear your thermal suit. Gloves. Neckwarmer and hat.
  • Take a head torch (one with red lights too so that you can see without blinding your companions.










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  1. Jen

    Fabulous! I’m incredibly jealous mummy and daddy Doyle x

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Finnish Lapland Part 2 Liana Snow Hotel

The Lianio Snow Hotel


One of our excursions (pre booked with Inghams) was an evening trip to the Lianio Snow Hotel. This hotel is built each year in December and melts away in April!

The hotel is perfectly unique; each room is individually carved and decorated so no two stays are the same. The hotel boasts a wonderful Ice Chapel which certainly offers a wonderful Wedding Opportunity for those looking for something different!

Our guide explains how the hotel is build


Even the corridors are decorated and beautifully lit for effect. I think they could film a great Dr Who here!

Hotel Corridors



There is even a slide for those brave enough.

A nice slide ………………. (get it –  a N ice slide ha ha, oh forget it!)

I think it’s meant for children but you can’t keep the grown ups off it.



There is a restaurant and a bar too, which we’ll get to later, but the bedrooms must be the main attraction (after the Chapel) Beautifully lit with wonderful carved designs each bedroom has it’s own theme. We saw a Clown themed bedroom and a Witch themed bedroom. I’m not sure which is the scariest.

Bring on the Clowns


Witch side is yours!?

I think I’d probably go for an ‘Angel’ ‘Nymph’ or Fairy.


Or perhaps a Nautical theme.

Sail away



Or something out of this world…….

Ground Control to Major Tom…………….


Some of the detail that makes every room unique:



Did I mention the restaurant and the bar?

Baked Alaska anyone




I doubt they get any complaints about warm beer!


And, maybe it’s because I’m a wedding photographer, I think the jewel in the crown has got to be the chapel. It’s such a lovely room. Intricately carved roses intertwined around an arch form the backdrop to the altar, which comprises of two beautifully carved ice lecterns and an ice carved altar mounted on a raised plinth. Snow carved columns line the walls and support the most amazing ice sculpted lights while six ice-sculpted benches or pews are arranged facing the altar.

The amazing altar in the Ice chapel

The amazing altar in the Ice chapel



If you fancy getting married here let me know, I would love to cover your wedding. It would be amazing!

If you need to know anything get in touch. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Or you can email me on

  • Top tips:
  • Layers are the best way of keeping warm. Thermals or base layers, T Shirt, shirt, fleece pullover or sweater & a Jacket.
  • Thermal socks and snowboots or good walking boots.
  • If you are going on anything that moves. Wear your thermal suit. Gloves. Neckwarmer and hat.
  • Take a head torch (one with red lights too so that you can see without blinding your companions.


#Lapland #Inghams #snowhotel #Olympus #unitystudios

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Finnish Lapland Part 1 Around Levi

Holidays ………. Sea ………. Sun ………. Sand ……….


Snow ………. Ice ……….

That’s right Snow and Ice that’s what you’re going to find in Finnish Lapland in February. And it’s brilliant. We just returned from a week in Levi. We booked through Inghams who were great and we had the best time. Arriving at the airport the first thing you notice is that everything is covered in snow. The runways are clear and everything runs like clockwork!

What a lovely greeting awaits you at Kittila Airport


Snow covered airport

Snow covered airport


Same on the roads, vehicles have studded tyres and getting about is no problem whatsoever.

This is a T junction


We always prefer to stay out of town and walk in and the Hullu Poro Oy (Crazy Reindeer Hotel) just five minutes walk from the main town was simply perfect.

Hullu Poro - The Crazy Reindeer

Hullu Poro – The Crazy Reindeer Hotel


Although it was quite a large hotel it has a real family atmosphere with cosy lounges and rooms and the staff were just lovely. A real log fire would have been nice rather than the 72 inch digital TV version but you can’t have everything. Our room was perhaps on the small side but perfectly adequate with TV and coffee and tea making facilities and we had a great bathroom with a ginormous bath.

We were half board and both breakfast and evening meal were served buffet style in the main restaurant. Breakfasts were excellent, everything you could think of, bread, meats, cheeses, cereals, fruit, yoghurts, and an excellent hot section with bacon, sausages, scrambled egg, hash browns, meatballs. Evening meals were pretty good too with a salad buffet, soup, and hot food section. The salad buffet was amazing and I enjoyed some of the best salads I’ve ever had (& I’ve been around). The main course choices are probably best described as good hearty dishes, sometimes edging towards restaurant quality. Lovely stews of beef, reindeer, meatballs (different from the breakfast meatballs) chicken and some great fish dishes. Staff were on the ball making sure everything was hunky dory, dishes collected, everything replenished on time – good job staff, well done.


More reindeer lampshades

Table in the lounge. Love the reindeer lampshades



Lesley in one of the lounges



Our holiday included the hire of insulated suits so the first job was to go and collect them from the hire desk. Then we were ready for action. And there was plenty of it to come! Neither of us Ski but I can wholeheartedly recommend Levi as a great family ski resort. There’s just so much to do, as well as the ski slopes there are miles and miles of cross-country trails for cross-country skiing or snow shoeing!

Point Zero – Levi Ski Slopes


Cross Country Skiing


We made sure we had plenty of free time for exploring the town and playing on top of the ski slopes but we had some kind of activity booked almost every day.

Our first activity was a nighttime husky sledge ride. Now a friend of mine had posted some pictures of her daytime drive. She took one where you actually drive the sledge yourself and it was a nice picture. There she was with five dogs loosely milling around as the sledge made it’s way over some flat snowy plain.

As soon as we arrived at the kennels I knew ours was not going to be the same.

We were being driven by the owner, a lovely lady who has won several trophy’s for sledge racing. If that didn’t give us a clue, our first sighting of the dogs should have. There they were, harnessed up already. Ten of them, baying, howling, barking and generally pulling wheelies in their enthusiasm to get going.

I had my camera tripod mounted (in case the Northern Lights put in an appearance) held across my chest and I had my thin tactile gloves on, planning to get sorted and put my neckwarmer and big gloves on once we were settled in the sledge.

I was told to get in the sledge first, sat in the back in a legs open position. The sledge is on the ground and as I crashed down into my seat the sledge move forward a foot as the dogs made a false start. My wife jumped in and as soon as her butt nestled into position, with me as an armchair, we were off. I can only describe the first minute or two as frantic! Snow flying, dogs howling, frost forming on my eyes, hanging on for dear life as we rushed through forest and took a high line with a 45 degree tilt on the snowy banks through the fast corners.

Temperature was around minus 22 and any bits that weren’t covered were feeling it! My right arm was trapped across my chest by my wife. I managed to get a glove out of my left pocket and get it on but my right hand was absolutely freezing. I managed to pull my neck warmer up a bit with my left hand, prop the tripod in the crook of my arm and hide my right hand behind my wife. Still cold but bearable.

Then just as I got sorted it all became rather wonderful. We exited the trees onto a level snow covered plain in almost complete silence as the dogs ran along in front of us. Then the driver turned her head torch off treating us to a magical landscape of small snow covered trees, miles of untouched snow, a million frost crystals floating in the air like stardust and an amazing night sky with a million stars twinkling down at us. Almost perfect.

For obvious reasons I have no pictures of the sleigh ride. After the sleigh ride though we got to meet the dogs who were still playful and enjoyed meeting us, having their heads rubbed and ears scratched. We then headed for the hut to warm up, drink hot fruit juice and cook sausages on the fire. My camera started to thaw out too so I have some pictures of this.

Lesley Doyle – In Da Hut


Sausages are us

Sausages are us



Later in the week we enjoyed an evening horse drawn sleigh ride and this was more like what I imagined the husky ride would be like, slow, smooth, sedate transport through that same magical countryside. There were more of us on this ride, perhaps eight maybe ten people on a larger sledge, sat up properly with a rug over your knees. The ride wasn’t as long as the husky ride and soon we were all back in the hut for pancakes & fruit juice.


Huts played a great part in this holiday and I really like them. Open fires, snuggy warm, wonderful places. Life needs more huts.


Hey don’t let me put anyone off the husky ride either, it was fantastic and I wouldn’t change a thing. After all what doesn’t kill you lol.


  • Top tips:
  • Be prepared. If you are going on any kind of transport make sure you’re all good to go before getting on board.
  • If you are going on anything that moves. Wear your thermal suit. Gloves. Neckwarmer and hat.
  • Take a head torch (one with red lights too so that you can see without blinding your companions.

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The Army of Noise Live Show

The Army Of Noise

Well this is a bit late as the show is over. I photographed the play but then I had to shoot off on holiday, sorrrrrry (not really 🙂 )

The Army of Noise is a fantastic new play from James Shaw, Creative director of Click Creative. A mixture of traditional theatre, puppetry and 3D projection mapping with live music provided by DJ Rasp.


In a previous blog I reported how I had photographed an early rehearsal session Rehearsals and I was amazed at that stage by the teams ingenuity. They were still figuring stuff out and I mentioned that there seemed to be a bond already between the actors and the puppets. Well it was simply amazing to turn up on the opening night and capture the real thing. Absolute genius, these guys have some vision – and skilz

Asher is a disruptive child, a selective mute who always seems to be in trouble. He has a social worker who despairs of him and she fixes him up with some ‘work experience’ at D-Rums record store. D-Rum gives the lad some (magic) record decks and Asher’s journey starts.

Asher gets a little counselling from his social worker


D-Rum presents asher with a set of magic decks


D-Rum might be getting on a bit but……….








she still has a few moves

she still has a few moves








Meetings with his own inner demons Claws and Vo-Cal, and a meeting with another character, mental saxophonist, B-Low, wake Asher up to the fact that he has a talent and he gains the confidence to use it putting on a show for the school.

C;was pays Asher a visit

Claws pays Asher a visit


B-Low gives Asher a little advice

B-Low gives Asher a little advice


B-Low shows Asher a few moves (there was a little ad lib going on here)

Asher is visited at night by his own monsters but they help him fight his demons and find himself

Asher kicks of the threat of Claws - his own inner demon and goes on to find Vo-Kal

Asher kicks off the threat of Claws – his own inner demon and goes on to find Vo-Kal


Asher meets Vo-Kal and releases her tied lips to reveal the sweetest voice




After practising on the decks Asher discovers that he has talents! His passion and love for music explode and he knows what he wants to do.



Asher manages to convince his social workers that he can do this. He wants to put on a show for the School.








Here’s a turn up for you. Asher who I’m sure you all know, probably for all the wrong reasons!

Is going to put on a show. Give it up for Asher

Is going to put on a show. Give it up for Asher

And with the help of DJ Rasp he does just that…….. turns in a fantastic set.



All in all it was a great show, with a great message too. The audience really enjoyed themselves and DJRasp on the decks was something else.

But – and this is the big bit – you missed it! I don’t even know if this is possible but if you are running some kind of summer event thing and need to entertain groups of families and kids………. Get them to dig the puppets out and re-run the show. It certainly deserves another showing.

Photographic stuff: All the images show were captured on a Olympus EM1 and Em5 micro four thirds camera. During the rehearsal shoot I could move around and was able to use off camera flash with Damian McGillicuddy modifiers.

For the live shoot I had to stay put and just use the stage lights so these were shot mostly on shutter speed priority with ISO varying up to, I dunno,  3200, something like that. The silent mode on the EM1 was certainly useful during the performance. Lenses were the pro 12-40 f2.8 zoom and the 45mm f1.8 prime.



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The Army Of Noise

The Army of Noise is a fantastic new play from James Shaw, Creative director of Click Creative. The show is a mixture of traditional theatre, puppetry and 3D projection mapping with live music provided by DJ Rasp.


I had the pleasure of photographing one of the early rehearsal sessions (pssst, It was really hard work if James asks) and it was great to see the team in action. This was early days and characters & routines were still being understood and developed.

I especially loved watching them work with the puppets. One thing that amazed me was the bond already there between the actors/puppeteers/operators (I dunno what to call them!) When a puppet was doing something you could see it was actually being experienced by the actor. When D-rum was looking at something and considering it’s worth so was the actor! When Asher was peeping around this wall looking nervous or inquisitive, so is the actor. I’m sure they will become one before the show goes out!



Anyhoo on to the show………. The main character Asher is a selective mute. He doesn’t communicate very well and other peoples frequencies get in his way. He loves music though and finds he can express himself through music. Armed with his imagination and a magic set of turntables he recruits an Army of noise.




Some of the puppets and characters you see here – D-Rum, Vo-Kal, B-low – help him along the way.





Awwww like a little boy 🙂

Heaven knows what these two do. Two very interesting characters!

I think this might be my favourite character. D-Rum. But that might well change once I’ve seen the show.

WELL ………… You know as much as me now. The only way to get the full story is to buy tickets for the show. The play runs from Wednesday the 17th Feb to Wednesday the 24th with 12:30 matinees on the 17th & 18th (No Show on the 21st)

You can get tickets here Tickets. Ten Quid. Go on, you know you want to! There are Matinee shows too on Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th at 12:30 hrs.

Check out The Army of Noise face Book Page for more info 🙂

Some videos on face book too. Check em out. DJ Rasp doing his stuff with D-Rum and V0-Kal D-Rum in action And Vo-Kal groovin

For those of you with a photographic interest this was all shot on an olympus EM-1 with Pro 12 – 40 f2.8 zoom and two manual flashguns with Damian McGillicuddy Multi Modifiers. Check out Damian McGillicuddy if you want to learn how to use them or buy them. if you want to check me out visit my Face Book Page click like and share the love 🙂

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Weddings is tradition worth following

A recent article published in Vogue seems had the Wedding fraternity up in arms, especially photographers! I thought I’d take a look at the article and illustrate it where I could. What do you think. Is it time to throw out the old and forget tradition altogether or is a Wedding a beautiful timeless occasion that we should still enjoy? I know which camp I’m in.

Here’s what the article had to say: [my comments in blue]
It’s 2016 and your mama’s wedding is officially a thing of the past. …………………

Be the bride who says, “I did it my way.” Here, 10 tips for breaking the mold.

Say “I don’t” to:


Historically, they were there to let the world know you were the property of your big strong husband, who was out in the scary mean world skinning bears and slaving away at his important job, while you stayed home, scrubbing the woolen underwear of your six children in the washbasin. Why not get matching tattoos instead? Actually, why get matching anything? Not to get too Stevie Nicks here, but the psychic bond you share is what’s important—not the jewelry.

oo-677    Of Course It Is!


Girls, Girls, Girls

After the proposal, sit your bitches down and be all: “Listen, I’m not going to torture you with the popularity contest of a bridal party and the engagement party and the shower and having to pedestal-ize me for the next year in your crappy $400 crinoline monstrosity. Just pick some gorge dress and strut down the aisle at my wedding.” And did someone say “maid of honor”? Let’s not even go there.

Yeah the Dress, why bother with that 

Image00517 a_79 IMG_8273
























And Maid of Honour…… who needs them! Or the Bridesmaids  or the Flower girls and Pageboys.


The Registry [I’m not even sure what this is, maybe it’s an American thang, or maybe I’m just not hip enough]

When’s the last time you cooked a casserole or pressed a panino at home? If you’re a domestic goddess, the registry idea is sweet and all, but why not just go old-school and request cash post-ceremony? Send one of the flower girls around, holding a big basket with an adorbs sign around her neck that says “Accepting contributions.” Now you can do with it what you want: kitchen items, paying off student loans, a charity of your choice.

The Big Reveal

I totally get the appeal of the big rom-com moment when the groom sees the bride in her dress for the first time, but honestly, you have been spending every single day together since you first met at Lit Lounge in 2001 . . . is this really necessary? I’m all for a five-minute powwow before walking down the aisle so you can press your heart to his and remember why you’re there in the first place.
















[I love this moment. The Groom, so cool just hours ago, now dry mouthed and looking nervously over his shoulder for that first glimpse of his bride. Doesn’t change even if you have been together for years]


Something Old, Something New

Ew. Doesn’t that stress you out? What’s the point? Why add another thing to your checklist? Let it go and move on. And while we’re at it, can we talk about the garter? A slutty, elasticized strip of fake lace cutting off circulation to your upper thigh? All so that the man of the hour can drunkenly remove it, then pass it on to Great-Uncle Ted in the hopes he gets laid? Let’s opt out of this one.

[There’s nothing slutty or cheap about the garters I’ve seen and there’s never been any sign of uncle Ted! Some brides have shown a sexy glimpse of garter and sometimes had it removed by their groom. It’s a very old tradition but I must admit a lot of brides don’t even bother with this nowadays. Or do they! Perhaps they just keep it to themselves and skip the garter removal tradition. As for something old, something new. I think it’s lovely when brides incorporate their Nan’s locket or a piece of jewelry from a loved one into their outfit. Molly Guy the author of the article must have a heart of stone!]

Walking Down the Aisle With Daddy

Safely ensconced in the nook of his arm, like a wee lamb? Is that really necessary? Why not walk down the aisle by yourself or with your about-to-be partner—or better yet, don’t even walk down the aisle at all. When your guests file in, be there to greet them, then, as they take their seats, proceed to the altar hand in hand with your betrothed, ready to get the show on the road.

[I have no words]Image00202




















First Dance

Am I the only person who finds this really bizarre? Twirling around to a waltz as if you’re in a Viennese ballroom circa 1932? Not to mention, dance lessons are both costly and time-consuming. And then to have a million pairs of eyes on you? No thanks.

[Some couples work practice a routine for this. Most don’t but again it’s an old tradition and it is the first time you get to hold each other and be alone in a passionate embrace since you got married what seems like hours ago and also only minutes ago! Your friends will join you on the dance floor before too long so you won’t be stranded out there.]

Image00591 oo-638 structure a_00869

In no time your dance floor will look like this.oo-971-2

Feeding Each Other Cake

That awkward rigmarole where the two of you hobble up to the dessert bar and playfully feed each other a slice amid a barrage of blinking flashbulbs? Why? Being hand-fed cake in front of an audience is disgusting. ’Nuff said.

[It’s fun, it’s a Wedding. Not all couples go for the cake feeding routine. It’s entirely up to you but it is traditional to have a Wedding Cake………. Not always made of cake.]

The Elaborate Honeymoon

Try out the staycation alternative instead. Book a suite at a nearby hotel and hole up for a couple days with some board games and champagne, and call it a long weekend. And while you’re there, ask the hotel manager if the pool could stay open late for a private swim.

[Well this is the closest she got to being right. The pool staying open for a private swim is a figment of an overactive imagination but you certainly don’t need an expensive honeymoon abroad. There is nothing wrong with staying at home, be it in a hotel, your own home or perhaps somewhere completely different]…………………….

What do you think? Are weddings here to stay or are they officially a thing of the past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. It’s certainly an interesting topic. I think I know where I stand. 

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